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Hello all,

I am today sharing my scalping algorithm for the EUR/USD pair : ApaChE.

ApaChE is a “calm scalper”, meaning it does not open positions agressively 50 times per day and it manages 1 position at a time, so no multiple trades will be opened simultaneously. The idea here, like for KproteKT is to not expose capital too much and avoid taking the risk to face heavy drawdowns. So we scalp yes, but we stay smart with our money management.

I realize that some of you may not know what scalping is, so in a few words, scalping means that we are trying to get a few pips from the market from each trade (2-3 pips on average). So small profits, trying not to stay in the market too long…and we repeat that over and over again. Roughly, ApaChE will trade twice a day.

Likewise KproteKT, for the moment you can run ApaChE on FXCM demo accounts only on TSII; it is really for you to test at 0 risk so that you can see if you like it or not.

From a performance standpoint, expected gross return is in the range of 20%/year and I am collocating ApaChE with KproteKT on a real account. This way, you can follow combined performances of both algorithms in the same account. (perf available on the graph on the right hand side of this page).

The program is available in the download section at the top of this page. You will find a .zip file containing the .bin file to be imported in Trading Station II plus a .pdf file which is the user’s manual. In addition to that, a third file called calendar.txt is also available; it is necessary to your trading, not to say mandatory, if you want to get an optimized behaviour of ApaChE.

In the meantime, I hope that you will enjoy ApaChE.



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