I am a private trader and I trade the markets on a daily basis. I also write automated trading systems, having in mind to help people who do not necessarily have trading skills, enter this so tricky world.

I’ve been an FXCM customer for years and for now I chose to write my robots in the language of their trading platform Trade Station II. Indeed, this platform is very reliable and it seems to me that this is today the best choice (for private users) to host softwares that need to work 24×5 without service outage.

In case one would ask, let me be clear from the start. I have absolutely no commercial relationship with FXCM (except being one of their regular customers), and developing on Trade Station II is only a technological choice.


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  1. Hermann Pries says:

    Hallo, my name is Hermann Pries twitter: @Hermann Pries; you answered me today at
    Are you able to write some special feature for MT4, may we could make a joint venture.

    Another Day; Another Dollar

    Hermann Pries

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