Cujo available at Darwinex

Malori is only making business with other professionals/companies.

However, many individuals….people…regular folks…guys like you and me 🙂 are asking us how they could benefit from the performances of our algorithms in their own individual accounts. In a direct relationship with Malori, this is not possible at this point in time.

So, to overcome  this limitation, we have decided to publish and make available some of our trading strategies at Darwinex. Cujo is thus now listed there and available, under the name CUJ.

For people not knowing Darwinex, simply put, Darwinex (a FCA reagulated company) is a site where you can allocate your capital to a trader’s strategy so that everything this trader does applies to your account as well.
At Darwinex, each “good” strategy (they have 12 different criterias to rank them) is turned into a true financial product created and declared at the FCA. Then you can invest your money on a given strategy (called a Darwin) just like you would buy shares or any financial asset. So you evolve (and your money as well) in a regulated, reliable environement.
All you have to do is decide how much you want to invest in the Darwin(s) of your choice.

Each time we will chose to make a strategy available to the public, we will register it at Darwinex, CUJ is the first one.

So if you want to replicate Cujo’s performances, just click HERE and follow the process.

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